Blogs: Your secret weapon for Google success!

Blogs are not just to say something (aka – “anything”). They are quite possibly the most important marketing move you can make. Following your site’s Lead Capture (phone number, shopping cart, contact form), the blog is the 2nd most important thing on your website. Without it, your web presence will have little-to-no momentum unless you pay out the nose for it.


Here’s why:

  • Google can actually read all of the text on your website (well – if your site is made correctly – but that’s another blog).  The text that it reads allows it to know what your company does, knows, and has to offer.
  • Knowing the above information helps Google know if you have the information that someone may be wanting when they’re putting in a search query, so they can offer you as one of the websites in the results.
  • The more visitors read these blogs (because you showed up in the results as we mentioned above), the more time they spend reading, the more pages they read, the more the blogs are shared with others via email or social networking, etc – the more Google finds you a valuable source of information, and promotes you more highly. All of this helps give you a higher “grade” with Google.
  • This helps even more when someone is looking for companies in your industry. The more Google likes you, the higher your “grade” with them, the more they’ll promote you. And on this note, remember that smart phones are taking over how we look for information. And they use the Internet to access that information. The phone book still has nice coupons, at least.
  • And of all of this traffic that comes to your site, a percentage will convert – which means the visitor will do what you want (buy, call, join, etc). How high that percentage is can vary depending on how your site is written, what your goals are, and the methods you have in place. But some should convert if you’re doing the smallest thing right.

By this point, the cycle continues to repeat and your reach continues to grow – casting a larger (and more respected) net than what most small-medium sized business owner can afford with advertising dollars.

And of course, blogging about once a week also lets Google know that the site is frequently updated by a live person – and that the information on it is recent and current. Google tries to ignore sites it believes to be abandoned.

It’s free marketing that reaches more people with less work – and makes you look like an authority in the field.

So offer your advice. Be a know-it-all. Wax on about your expertise and share that wisdom with others! There’s much value in the typed word. And that, my friend, you can take to the bank.